Kristen Forbes

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Registered Nurse

professional bio

Kristen is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Registered Nurse who received her Master’s degree in Dietetics and Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from The University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, and Bachelor’s of Science in Health Promotion from Oklahoma State University.  She has been providing comprehensive nutrition counseling and education for over five years.  Kristen’s unique educational endeavors and professional and personal experiences have equipped her with a diverse set of tools to better assess and coach her clients.  Although conventionally licensed, what sets Kristen apart is that she has also been trained in functional nutrition, and is a certified Food as Medicine Practitioner.  Her background has motivated others to seek her expertise, providing a large clientele with various nutritional and health concerns.

Kristen has helped hundreds of people with weight loss/management, Diabetes prevention and control, medical nutritional therapy, digestive health optimization, hormonal balance, and achieving overall wellness.  Helping people create and sustain a dramatically improved life is her ultimate passion.

personal wellness philosophy

Kristen believes that health and wellness is a practice and not a perfection, involving a continual balance of multiple dimensions in our lives.  Her personal approach to wellness is holistic, intertwining nutritious foods, physical activity, fulfilling relationships, connectivity with community, spirituality, adventurous travels, and plenty of personal growth.  She seeks to inspire others on their optimal health journey utilizing her extensive education and experience in the world of nutrition.  Motivating others to find their personal and individualized version of a balanced and blissful life is what makes her truly happy.

Kristen’s personal nutrition philosophy constantly evolves, as do the seasons, our bodies, our minds, and every aspect of our lives.  What remains foundational is that she views food as one of the world’s greatest gifts and is seeking to teach others that it can nourish, heal, and protect who we are. Kristen believes that what we put in our bodies has an immense effect on how we feel, function, sleep, interact with others, avoid illness, cope with stress, and approach our purpose in life.  She is a nutritionist who works with you to understand how a healthy approach to food is possible and how you can utilize it to your greatest advantage, while also keeping things real.  Her nutrition strategies are whole foods based, focusing on simplicity leading to small but powerful lifestyle shifts.

Through her programs and individual coaching sessions,  Kristen’s goal is to capture the energy surrounding the multi-faceted approach of mind, body, and spirit, and combine that with her knowledge to continue to lead others to profound personal health.  She believes that this approach to wellness leads to personal empowerment and increased vitality.  She is dedicated to guide her clients toward positive lifestyle changes through medical nutrition therapy and integrative health coaching.


Outside of her work passions, Kristen is a lover of life’s adventures.  She enjoys spending time with her husband, toddler Rowan, and puppy Mango.  She is also a certified barre3 instructor, and loves to find movement in any way she can.  Whether it be hiking, traveling, practicing yoga or sipping coffee, spending time with her family and friends remains a top priority for Kristen.