the friday five: health {ish} podcasts I love

As if you guys need even more things to add to your to-do list – I got them for you!  Keeping up with my occasional Friday favorites – this edition is a salute to my podcast obsession!

I love listening to podcasts in between every other task that I do on a daily basis – and have been nerding it out for about 5 years with this obsession.  (I remember years ago I would binge listen to health podcasts as I meal prepped on Sundays, a tradition that definitely still happens is buried in the pre-kiddo-seems-like-pre-mesozoic-era). { also I will admit I had to look up mesozoic to make sure I was referring to the right time period, which I was! }

In my opinion, podcasts are a great way to LEARN.  To stay current in any desired topic, to be entertained, to gain inspiration or access to new ideas, feel supported, find motivation, learn how to master parenting (if you find the gold in that send it my way), and simply just keep things fresh on your mind.  And obviously the world agrees, I have read that (in 2015) 5,000 new podcasts were being added per month.  The categories I tend to engage with include health/wellness, nutrition, self-help/growth, sermons (Elevation Church is my fave thanks to a good friends rec years ago!), parenting, women’s health, mindset, business + fitness.  While there are probably literally HUNDREDS of super worthy podcasts that we should all subscribe to, I wanted to share my current top favorites in the HEALTH category (what I deem as “health”), to see if they may be of some interest to you as well…

The Paleo Women Podcast

This podcast has been a favorite of mine for a couple of years.  I am obviously NOT paleo (although we do enjoy paleo recipes often at our house!), but both of these lady hosts are very honest + open about their journey with finding a version of healthy that works for them, admitting to be not 100% paleo and very supportive of #youdoyou.  They thoroughly answer listener health + nutritional questions that the integrative RD in me LOVES hearing answers to, but also appeals to a non-health-professional audience.  Very smart + funny + super relatable.  I would consider this a progressive nutrition education podcast with fun and honest chatting about nonsense in between (which I love!).  Another common theme throughout every episode is the idea of SELF LOVE.  They are quick to note that at the end of the day, loving yourself and who you are regardless of your individual health battles is the most important key to living a full life!

The Ultimate Health Podcast

This podcast is an excellent resource for learning about various health topics at a greater depth than one would otherwise find.  The hosts (who are also in the wellness industry) interview top experts in a variety of subjects, including thyroid health, functional exercise, sleep, fertility, lots of nutrition – all the way to mindset and household + environmental health.  I personally think these two interview very well, asking questions that are engaging and truly leave you learning A TON.  I have found myself going back through and re-listening to several episodes + taking notes (yes, I am a life-long student).

The Wellness Mama Podcast

Okay, so this is a website I find myself accessing super often when it comes to natural remedies for a sick kiddo or even my own health endeavors.  And she has a podcast!  What?!  Yes, please!  This show focuses on ways to live life a bit more naturally + finding natural solutions to common health problems to boost your family’s overall wellness.  The fact that Katie is a mama (of six!) makes it all the more inspiring.  As the host and #momboss behind the Wellness Mama brand, she interviews tons of wellness experts to keep the conversation of holistic and integrative health moving along and reaching a broader audience.  This is my go-to for finding ways to approach a sticky life and { also sticky } motherhood in a way to keep things flowing in as natural of a state as possible.  Healthy baby + healthy family = happy mama!  Don’t let the name of this show fool you – it is about WAY more than being a mom!  Lots of truth bombs + “aha moments” to be shared.

Natural MD Radio

Ahhh I love Dr. Aviva Romm!  I had the pleasure of seeing her present at the Food As Medicine conference at Kripalu in the Berkshires with some dear friends.  She has a trifecta of expertise, as a doctor + midwife + herbalist.  Dr. Romm is another go-to resource for me as an integrative RD as well as new mom.  (I literally listen to her episode about why we should not be afraid of fevers EVERY TIME baby Ro is sick).  The episodes are a great mix between her discussing hot topics in the medical world, spinning her natural approach, and interviewing top wellness experts to dive deeper.  I love her practical, natural approaches to everyday issues (like UTI’s, migraine headaches, eczema, and treating colds <– tips I use with Ro + the rest of the fam!)  Plus, she is so incredibly friendly + inspiring!  #howdoesshedoit

The Quote Of The Day Show

You guys, I feel like I am giving away a huge part of my daily secret with this one!  I was obsessed with Sean Croxton’s Underground Wellness podcast (which has sadly ended – but still has amazing content!), but am happy to say I do LOVE his newest podcast.  This is a 10-15 minute daily podcast (m-f) that is super inspiring, and all about M I N D S E T.  Which, my friends, is point A of whatever your point B may be.  Actionable, easy ways to think outside the box, giving you the tools you need to kick butt in ALL areas of your life.  Business?  Health?  Lifestyle?  This podcast will help you crush those goals.  I cannot think of a better way to start your day!

This one was fun to type!  And I can already see a “round 2” of this same topic, as things will undoubtedly change as life moves along!  Until then, happy listening + learning!

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