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My method involves a holistic approach to discovering optimal wellness and balance that works for YOU. I learn more about you, including: medical history, current + past wellness practices, lifestyle, habits, medications, supplements, food + nutritional concerns, relationship with food, food patterns, current stressors, self-care techniques, barriers to change, exercise/movement and what you do for fun. We will highlight your "WHY" and I will coach you through that along the way. Together we will work towards your goals, both current + long term. After learning more about you, your WHY, and your goals, we will develop a personalized treatment plan to help optimize your total wellness. We will look at things like digestive health, inflammation, food sensitivities, stress response, mindfulness, sleep, and genetics to discover your unique nutritional therapy needs and improve your quality of life. Throughout our time together I will provide ongoing support and motivation, and give you tools that you need to create sustainable changes and leave you feeling your very best! Learn more about my professional experience + philosophy here.

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